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One of the most important pieces in your facility is the compressor. We outfit our customers with the right compressed air products and equip them with the knowledge to achieve the best possible finishing and productivity for their shop.

Mattei Rotary Vane Air Compressors operate on 30% less ENERGY than the competition.

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    After All… It Starts With AIR!

    One of the most important components to a premium product finish is the quality of your air. You need to ensure that you have clean and dry air in processes like sandblasting, powder coating and in any system involving new water based finishes. offers the latest technology in Rotary Vane Compressed Air technology, Prevost Aluminum Airlines and Tsunami Air Drying Systems. Our goal is to help you structure a trouble-free air system for your facility.

    If you are looking to upgrade your air system, we offer comprehensive solutions. Our layout and design services include line sizing, volume and CFM flow. Do you need to repair and replace parts or components? We can help!

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    Our factory trained installation crew can get your new Air Compressor installed correctly and quickly.

    This our specialty! You can rest assured that your new equipment will be operational in no time.


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