Nova Verta Prestige Series Paint Booth


Product Details

Standard Cabin Dimensions


24, 27, 29 or 31′


13′-4 5/8″ or 14′-8 1/2″


10′-9″ or 11′-8 3/8″
Basement and semi-downdraft options add additional height
*Remember all specifications can change at any time at the discretion of the manufacturer. This data is strictly informational and can’t be applied for all paint booth applications.


Allen-Brady, Color Touch Screen
Rated for class I Division II hazardous locations

Direct Fired

Siemens Touch Screen
Rated for Class I Division II hazardous locations

Light Fixtures

4 tubes – Inside access Class 1 Division 2


– 3-row tunnel pit
– Dry filter basement raises booth and equipment 16′
– Inside ramp
– Drive-through door
– Side exit door (additional or for drive-through)
– 80 volt motors, 277 volt lighting, and 120-volt controls and burner
– Electric roll-up door for automotive booth
– Electric side roll-up door
– Viewing window side wall
– Vortex System
– Wind System Ready(allowing for future wind system)
– Velocity Cure
– Energy Savings System
– Auto Prep Mode System
– Light fixture: 6 tubes – Inside access Class 1 Division 2
– Post Filtration extractor– Additional sizing and configurations are available upon request
– Indirect or direct-fired air make up unit
– (Note: ANSI standards do not permit a recirculating Prep cycle with a direct-fired system)

Code Compliance

Most products are ETL Listed for their
intended purpose to meet IFC, IBC,
IEC, IMC, NFPA 33, 70, 86, 91, 101,
UL508A, ANSI, and OSHA standards

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    Nova Verta booths are built using nut and bolt assembly with vinyl-coated, galvanized, dual panel construction, guaranteeing their durability and structural integrity.
    Product Information

    The Prestige Series offers 50% more measured light output than other booths on the market, providing completely unimpeded illumination from continuous lighting banks. The inside access fixtures horizontally line both side walls and hip angles. The Prestige 27′ cabin features 23 Class I, Division II light fixtures with four 98CRI – T8 tubes and multi-voltage, energy efficient, electronic ballasts. For applications that need enhanced visibility, get the optional six-tube fixture.

    Performance & Operational Savings

    The Prestige Series has a cutting-edge airflow design that uses 50% more horse power and offers the choice between indirect or direct-fired heating. This model provides the best laminar airflow on the market. Optional controller technology, variable frequency drives, self-diagnostics, and energy savings controls give you the power and information you need to maintain high production and low operating costs.

    Indirect Fired

    Nova Verta’s indirect-fired system controls operate prep, pain and cure cycles with automated pressure control using a variable frequency drive (VFD) on the exhaust fan. This configuration conserves energy by recirculating 90% of the warmed airflow – saving 35% on utility costs and filtration expenses when compared to typical direct-fired systems.
    The unique Prestige Series prep cycle keeps workers from being exposed to dangerous carbon monoxide. Its indirect-fired solutions also have lower humidity output to quickly dry waterborne paints.
    The Prestige Series indirect-fired booths use an Allen-Bradley control system, featuring a 600 Color Touch Screen series and a Class I Division II remote mount operator station in the booth wall or elsewhere, like the mix room entry.
    As an option to this series, the Auto Prep Mode System (APMS), automatically shifts the booth into the prep mode once you set the timer and will return to the spray cycle once the spray gun is activated.

    Direct Fired

    The standard direct-fired system also has automated pressure control and recirculates 90% of the booth’s warm air during the cure cycle. It features 1.1 million BTU with a 100-degree temperature rise in the spray cycle.
    The direct-fired models use a Siemens touch screen operator station and feature an energy-conserving option to slow the air speed when no one is praying to cut down on fuel and electricity, called an Energy Saving System (ESS).

    Booth Construction

    Nova Verta booths are built using nut and bolt assembly with vinyl-coated, galvanized, dual panel construction, guaranteeing their durability and structural integrity. They are complete with two inches of insulation, tubular steel center, door hardware and sealing material.
    Each Prestige series is factory pre-wired to reduce installation time and cost. Avoid the headaches that come with intricate installation requirements—your booth comes with easy-to-follow installation manuals and color-coded and labeled wiring to aid in reducing set-up time and expense. And your operator’s safety is guaranteed with finger-safe control panel wiring.

    Our factory trained installation crew can get your new Nova Paint Booth installed correctly and quickly.

    This our specialty! You can rest assured that your new equipment will be operational in no time.


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