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Are Powder Coats Really Better Than Paint?

What is the difference between paint and powder coat? The truth to whether to powder coat or spray paint a metal surface, is that both solutions offers different advantages. However, before you can make a decision, you must first understand the underlying question:...

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How a Make Up Air System Works

How does a makeup air system work? Make-up air is intended to replace the air that process exhaust fans have removed from your interior space. This kind of HVAC solution replaces existing air that cannot be recirculated by bringing in cool, fresh air from outside your...

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The 6 Types of Powder Coating

What are the 6 types of powder coatings? Whether you're new to powder coatings or a seasoned veteran, you're undoubtedly well aware that powder coating is an excellent painting procedure that produces a robust, durable, and aesthetically pleasing finish. The method is...

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Powder Coating: FAQ

What is powder coating paint? Powder coating is an alternative way of painting metal objects to standard painting procedures. It works by spraying powder of a certain color onto a metal surface that has an electrical charge. After spraying, the charge causes the...

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Are Paint Booths Necessary?

How important is a paint booth? Manufacturers frequently utilize spray booths to cover components and products with paint and other finishes. Not only are they essential for your workers' safety, but it is also illegal to carry out manufacturing or finishing without...

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The Proper Sandblasting Gear

What do you wear when sandblasting? Sandblasting may be highly dangerous, so you should be aware of that. When dealing with it, you shouldn't be macho and disregard the need for safety. When I was an adolescent mechanic working on vehicles, I used to be like this....

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