How does a makeup air system work?

Make-up air is intended to replace the air that process exhaust fans have removed from your interior space. This kind of HVAC solution replaces existing air that cannot be recirculated by bringing in cool, fresh air from outside your building.

Buildings, where there is a greater need for ventilation due to environmental factors, should consider a make-up air solution in order to improve indoor air quality and safeguard occupants’ health.

Air Make Up Units are spray booth air replacement systems. They supply hot air to the booth that is comparable to the air removed by your exhaust fan while it is running. Air make-ups can also be outfitted with complex controls, allowing the booth to incorporate a bake cycle into the painting process.

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Why do you need a makeup air unit?

To counteract air that is exhausted by other mechanical means, standard make-up air units are built to supply a building with tempered fresh air that is both heated and chilled. Depressurization occurs when an area in a house or building is evacuated without being refilled with air from another source. As a result, draughty houses and buildings will let in the outside air, or if the area is tightly sealed, ventilation systems won’t be able to exhaust the air.

Paint Booth Air Makeup Units for Sale

The air make up units that we install can be used as a replacement on any booth or finishing line that makes use of a building system dump due to their adaptability. Our skilled team of equipment installers can add a new air compressor to your current paint booth. We can provide you with a new air makeup unit right away, whether your booth is pressurized or negative pressure. We may now pressurize the booth and add a cure cycle if the booth has a modified, side, or full-down draft arrangement that draws in shop air. This will save time and energy. Call us right away to find out what we can do for you! 1-800-637-4027

We feature Heated Air Replacement Units designed for both fuel efficiency and ease of operation. Air Makeup Units (AMUs) deliver filtered heated air evenly throughout your spray booth or building. Heated tempered air is controlled by digital sensors to minimize temperature variations throughout the booth.

They are equipped with standard disposable pre-filters that remove particulates before the air enters the paint booth. With energy consumption in mind, these AMUs are designed with a unique dual-blower design found in many of our direct-fired and indirect-fired air handlers.

Take a look at our AMU specification sheet here!