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We understand that not everyone paints small parts or components. That is why we have our line of large truck paint booths and large equipment paint booths for sale. We have you covered form RVs, semi trucks, and agriculture equipment to trains and planes. While most of our truck paint booths are custom, we do have a line of standard sizes. In the tables below you can look at the available standard sizes. Having built and installed these large booths for more than 20 years we know that we can design and assemble one to meet your specific needs.

Truck Paint Booths

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    There are several things to consider when selecting a truck paint booth.

    • What is the largest item that I plan on painting? The general rule is to have 3’ of clear space around the items that you are painting.
    • Airflow Style? Which one best suites your needs and is a good fit for your building?
    • Do you need a drive thru or solid back booth?
    • Do you need a heated booth or non-heated booth? If heated where will the heater be located?
    • Are your power requirements single phase or three phase?

    They are available in Cross Draft, Side Down Draft, Modified Down Draft and Full Down Draft styles.

    We service and deliver in every state, including Texas, Florida, and more.

    The following features are standard on our truck paint booths:

    All Booths are shipped complete with everything you need to assemble and start using them, including wall panels, fan, motor, doors, intake and exhaust filters with retainer grids, light fixtures and tubes, controls, assembly hardware and an installation drawings-permit package.

    Our truck booths are constructed and rigidly reinforced with single-skin, 18-gauge, G-90 galvanized steel. Single-skin booths are pre-punched booth panels with easy nut-and-bolt assembly that take the guesswork out of installing a large paint booth while providing superior structural integrity.

    Double insulated wall panels are an option. They are constructed of two layers of 20-gauge steel. And utilize an H-channel type structure in between the panels or a tongue-groove system. This helps create an airtight seal in the cabin construction without exposed lips or panel ledges that tend to accumulate dirt and dust.

    Airflow Diagrams

    click image to enlarge diagrams

    Down Draft Diagram
    Cross Draft Diagram
    Side Down Draft Diagram
    Down Draft Diagram

    Below is a list of some of the options that can be added to any truck and large equipment paint booths:


    • Powder coating
    • Heated air make up with cure package
    • Lighting: 6-tube, T-8 fixtures, T-5 high-output fixtures, Corner lights, Rear access light fixtures
    • Custom height, width and depth design
    • LPI Personnel lifts and other custom options


    Example Truck Paint Booth Drawings

    click image to enlarge drawings

    Air Craft Large Equipment Booth
    Large Truck Paint Booth
    Non Heated Sanding Booth
    Cross Draft Truck Booth

    Our factory trained installation crew can get your new Truck and Large Equipment Paint Booth installed correctly and quickly.


    This our specialty! You can rest assured that your new equipment will be operational in no time. 


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    Types of Truck Paint Booths