Shop Curtains

Shop curtains give you the ability and freedom to separate and maximize your usable shop space with a moveable barrier for confining paint overspray, dirt, dust, grinding sparks and contaminants, and controlling cold and heat loss. Shop curtain walls are perfect for bodyshops, industrial, woodworking, aviation, aerospace and many other applications. All materials meet NFPA 701 for flame retardancy.

We have installed shop curtains system all over the country in many different types of industrial plants, factories, body shops, air craft hangars to name a few. They are easy to install and operate and allow for the most flexible use of your space. They can be opened to move large item through the shop or left open when not in use. Get a Custom Curtain Quote Today!

Industrial Shop Curtains can easily and affordably divide your space and make a new clean work area.

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Our shop curtain wall systems can be used for a variety of applications including:

  • Aluminum repair
  • Auto body prep areas
  • Dust containment
  • Estimating bays
  • Limited paint enclosures
  • Sanding & grinding
  • Warehouse separation
  • Wash bays
  • Welding
  • Woodworking

Our factory trained installation crew can get your new shop curtains installed correctly and quickly.

This our specialty! You can rest assured that your new equipment will be operational in no time.


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  • Steel Scrim
    Steel-Scrim™ Laminate Vinyl

    Featuring our proprietary, tri-lateral polyester scrim design, Steel Scrim Vinyl is 84% stronger than standard laminate vinyl.

  • Work View
    Work-View Window

    20-mil, flame resistant and double polished PVC window for a clear view of workers and operations. Meets CFM and NFPA 701 standards.

  • Electronically Welded
    Electronically Welded Seams

    Interior seams are electronically welded with RF bar sealers for an extra tough resistance to tears. Outer hems are sewn with a heavy-duty, double-lock stitched nylon thread.

  • Grommets
    #2 Grommets

    #2 brass toothed grommets are spaced every 12″ on center of the curtains to hang securely on the roller hooks.

  • Velchro Attachments
    Velcro Attachments

    2″ velcro side attachments easily seal and attach both sides of curtains to multiple curtains. Available in standard 2′ swatches, full length or custom.

  • Chain Weighted
    Chain Weighted Hem

    Heavy-duty, 3/16″ galvanized chain inserted into the 4″ bottom pocket to stabilize the curtain against drafts.

  • Wheel Roller
    2-Wheel Roller Hooks

    Make for easy sliding and folding of the curtain. Two-wheel steel roller hooks are available for large curtain systems.

  • Roller Track
    Roller Track System

    Heavy-duty, 16-gauge roller track system which modularly connects track lengths to your desired shape and length. Available in Suspended Mounts – Threaded Rod or Beam to Chain, Ceiling Mount, Floor Mount and Beam Flange Mount.

  • Weld View
    Weld-View Window

    14-mil, PVC weld-view window blocks harmuful UV Rays from welding while allowing view of workers. Meets CFM and NFPA 701 standards.

  • Adhesive Velcro
    Adhesive Velcro

    Attaches any curtain to a brick, metal, concrete or wood wall or door opening.

  • Vinly Floor
    Vinyl Floor Sweep

    Sew-in or velcro option. Seals bottom 1″ gap to seal off dirt, dust or contaminants.

  • Floor Mount
    Floor Mount D-Rings

    Included with strap and buckle. Securely fastens your curtain system when heavy updrafts are a problem.





  • Suspended MountSuspended Mount
  • Ceiling MountCeiling Mount
  • Wall MountWall Mount
  • Threaded RoadThreaded Road
  • Floor MountFloor Mount
  • Track and AccessoriesTrack and Accessories
  • Cubicle Curtain Hardware:Cubicle Curtain Hardware: