Limited Finishing Prep Station

Product Description

The Limited Finishing Prep Station draws fresh air from the pressurization fan (non heated models). This air is then forced down into the prep station through premium filters located in the ceiling. The air is drawn through the prep stations work area into a filtered exhaust area at the opposite end of the prep deck then it is exhausted through the exhaust fan and stack.

With this design you can easily add a heated air makeup unit. In order to provide precise control of your shop environment.

Lighting Specifications

Lighting is provided by eight (8) four-tube, 48″ long, 32-watt, fluorescent light fixtures located in the ceiling panels. Each is sealed behind clear tempered safety glass. All light fixtures are UL listed. Bulbs are not included.

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    Superior Quality Standards

    The Intake Plenum and Exhaust Plenum Wall are fabricated with 18-gauge galvanized steel panels. They are flanged for strength and pre-punched for easy nut and bolt assembly. The intake plenum can be suspended with a maximum of 10′ tall clearance or as low as 7′ tall clearance. The actual installed height is required to order the Curtain walls.

    Pressurized intake air is supplied by (1) 18″ diameter tube-axial fan with a 11/2 HP, three-phase motor. The exhaust is provided by (1) 18″ diameter tube-axial fan with a 11/2 HP, three-phase motor.

    Assembly hardware filters, nuts and bolts, sealants needed for mechanical installation are included. The threaded rod for suspending the intake plenum is not supplied.

    Limited Finishing Prep Station
    Prep Station

    Interior Dimensions 14’ Wide X 10’ High X 24’ Long
    Includes 8 Lights

    Optional Equipment

    Powder Coating
    Control Panel
    Single Phase Non Heated
    Single Phase Heated
    Exhaust Kit
    Add 1’ in Length
    Intake Plenum Leg Kit